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There is the perfect opportunity for photo hunting is given you in hunting site “Bayankol”. The season of photohunting lasts in the course of year. Our site possesses magnificent flora and fauna. Besides earlier mentioned animals there is the unique opportunity for photo hunting for such rare animals as Snow Leopard (Irbis) and Tien Shan bear is offered to you.

Snow Leopard - large mammal from family of feline, entered to the Red book. Irbis lives in a high mountains of Tien Shan (3500-3900м above sea level). The Snow leopard, as a rule, eats mountain animals.

Along with the Snow leopard, while travelling among mountain woods you can capture one of the most powerful representatives of hunting Site’s fauna, master of woods - Tien Shan bear.

Hunting Site “Bayankol” possesses untouched by human Nature, due to what the balance of ecosystem is kept. In these conditions there is a natural increase of a population and the survival of these unique animals is provided.

Making their photo - not easy and demands professionalism, endurance and courage from you. But, in case of success, you will remember this tremendous adventure for all life.

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