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Trophy hunting

The fauna in our hunting site is presented with the big variety hoofed animals.

Archars, comparatively big hoofed animals, have been untouched in Wild Nature. These imposing creatures are desirable objects of professional hunting. Trophy hooves of seven-year-old animals can weigh from 10 to 18 kg.

Maral (deer) hunting is the most complex and interesting adventure. You can try your luck, and if you succeed you will get trophies weighing 9-16 kg. The hunting season begins on September 15 and lasts two months. The Siberian goat (teck) is a variety of wild mountain goats that lives permanently in high rocky mountains and glaciers. If you come here for teck hunting you will get an opportunity to have a good rest and choose a trophy. The average length of the hooves a seven-year-old male teck is about 115-120 cm, and there are some excellent samples in our collection measuring 130-141 cm.

Siberian deers and wild boars are the objects of amateur hunting.

In a global hunting economy, international hunting clubs ownership of trophies with high estimations - is prestigious, shows a high level of culture of the hunter and a high level of the development of hunting site.

Trophies are:

  • horns of wild hoofed animals;
  • canines;
  • skins of predators;
  • skulls of predators;

In our hunting site you can hunt and become trophy owner of animals.


Objects of hunting: maral, Siberian goat, Siberian deer, wild boar, wolf, mountain turkey, kecklics.

Terms of hunting:

  • maral – September, 1st - December, 15th
  • Siberian gout – August, 1th - December, 31st
  • Siberian deer – August, 1st - December, 31st
  • wild boar – September, 1st – December, 31th
  • wolf - in the course of year except March and April, valuable is shooting in the winter months December and February
  • mountain turkey - October
  • kecklic - October

Additional trophy hunting:
Fox, mountain turkey.

Trophy estimations:

  • A maral male – in the given region were obtained trophies from 14 to 16 kg, for last 2-year the average weight of trophies made up 12 kg.
  • Siberian gout – there is a trophy length 142 cm in a collection, you are guaranteed to receive 115-125cm, and in case of luck you can get 135см and more.
  • Siberian deer – excellent object of hunting. Sometimes there trophies weighs from 850 up to 950 gr.

Cost of each tour includes:

  • Visa support; ­
  • Legal registration of import - export of the weapon; ­
  • The state duty;
  • Veterinary documents;
  • A meeting / seeing off in the airport of Almaty; ­
  • Transport from / to hunting site; ­
  • Transport on hunting (a jeep, horses); ­
  • Residence and meal in hunting site; ­
  • 2 hunting guides for each hunter; ­
  • Services of the translator; ­
  • Primary processing and packing of a trophy.

Additionally you can get the information about:

  • Conditions of residence
  • Conditions of meal provision ­
  • Meal provision during the hunting ­
  • The basic ways of hunting ­
  • Transport maintenance ­
  • Conditions for horse riding ­
  • A meeting and seeing off at the airport ­
  • Climatic conditions during arrival ­
  • The requirement to the weapon ­
  • Leasing of the weapon, bullets and equipment ­
  • Epizootic condition of the region ­
  • Health services ­
  • Conditions and rules of primary processing of trophies ­
  • An opportunity of carrying out of additional kinds of hunting, fishing, excursion and entertaining programs.

For more information about cost and conditions contact us.

Each tour is individual and is developed according to your requests!